Photo album 

Posh Josh

Bobby,Biscuit & Pippa enjoyin a walk with there mum.

1.Elmo & Stitch with there new monkey toy. 2.Ted & Beani on there new chair. 3.Relaxin in the sun.

Daisy ,Honeymist Crazy Rhythm 8 Months

Dogs at Honeymist is waiting for CHRISTMAS !


Jazz at his new home – now his name is changed to JOSH!


Jazz is leaving Sweden the 19th of december 2008!


Jazz at home on top of his box – Jazz outside the Cargo in Landvetter/Gothenbourg – Jazz in his box – Jazz going out to the airplane.


Jazz the “icebear” loves the snow!

Lorraines visiting to Sweden spring/summer 2008

1. Lorraine and some of the bedlingtons at Bla Skuggans Kennel. 2. Out with the mobile home to a dogshow. 3. With Melwin who won BOB.

4. Jazz got a new toy from Lorraine. 5. Goodby Jazz see you soon in GB.

Here some older snapshots!