Happy Christmas to all my friends.
That is if I have any left given that Humum Shirley never helps me do my chats these days for months on end. Quite depressing for a chap with a lot to say you know.
Humum and Hudad are not long back from a trip “down under”. Now Humum did try to explain to me why you don’t fall off when you are upside down and the blood does not all rush to the brain, but it is a bit much for even my superior canine brain to absorb. I don’t think I would like Australia, they nearly got bitten by one of the most poisonous snakes in the world..yikes, glad they didn’t, what would have happened to me and my charges and Humum Lorraine!

 Yuk, yuk, yuk!

I was a bit put out that they seem to have loved some of the furries down there, Koalas, roos and wombats. These Koala things Humum says sleep 20 hours every day…sounds a bit like us when it is really, really cold and wet!

That Wombat sure looks like it is some fatty, but the baby Kangaroo I must admit looks pretty cute.
Humums didn’t go to many shows this year but they made Posh Josh a Champion, cor blimey I have been looking after him three years, he’s 4 on Xmas Day you know. He came to my care just before Xmas and I must say he is not much trouble, but he does annoy poor old Elmo constantly asking Humans to throw his “ball-ie ball-ie”, he’s obsessed, but it keeps him out of mischief. Must say he is nearly as handsome as me. 
Naughty Noop Noop is smaller than most of us, but what a bundle of fun…hence the “Naughty”..she is supposed to be called Snoopy! She won her first CC so hopefully she will be another of my flock who is a Champion.

Humums Vicar Sister got married last May to a bloke called Marcus. He is a very brave type, was in the Royal navy then was a deep sea diver. Humum Shirley and Hudad are going to go to South America with them next year…so we will have Humum Lorraine for about a month again, but she does look after us very well! Wonder how many nasty snakes there are in S.America? Just hope the Humans are sensible, we’d be lost without them.
Only seven more sleeps till Santa comes, we are all getting our Christmas baths and we have new coats. Mine is a Santa’s elf and if I do say so myself I look very smart!

Humum goes to town on decorations, looks great but is killing my latest new baby, Sunny, to have to leave them alone!

Everyone says Humum Shirley has green fingers….funny, I have never seen them green, but apparently it is something to do with getting orchids, Xmas cactuses (oh..she says it’s “cacti”..oooo!!) and things to grow, the porch looks like a flower shop just now!

She has to go and make our dinner now…yet more promises she won’t gag me in 2012…we’ll see!
Lots of licks and Hugs, Ted xx


Happy New year to all my fans

Well…2011 already..today is 1/1/11, Humum says she is going to write a cheque today as the date is so special..she can make it to me to get lots of treats and bones, not that we need any, Santa was very good to us all and we now can’t be bothered with the tripe and biscuits, no, chicken and turkey please! Humum Shirley says we have to go back to sensible food tomorrow..rats to that..we demand Xmas all year!
Humum Lorraine bought us all coats for Xmas as it has been very very cold, down to minus 16C but because of the snow they have not yet arrived, However, we have Xmas Ho, Ho, Ho coats but Noodles is not very keen on her coat as you can see from her expression.

Some days it was so cold and just a sheet of ice outside that it made our feet hurt.
Had to send two puppies out to South Africa to the Humans who got Ringo last year. Humums Shirley and Lorraine got up at 4am to get them to the airport on time..we decided to stay in our nice warm beds. There are lots of checks to do at the airport, including being X-rayed in the travel box so they only got back here at 9.30…and it had started to snow. Then they had to collect the puppies because the airport closed..poor Humum Lorraine went to this side of Glasgow and the exporter lady was to meet her at a posh new shopping place called Silverburn. Well, if I do say so as maybe shouldn’t Humum Lorraine can be very very hasty..so she dashed off with no purse, no food and nothing to drink…and had to wait at Silverburn for nearly 5 hours while the export lady travelled the 7 miles from the airport. Then it was touch and go to get home over the moor between here and Glasgow. She was hungry and cold and thirsty when she got home!!!! Two days later the pups managed to fly out, but nearly missed their plane at Heathrow cos of snow and ice. The snow was great fun for us, but terrible for Humans who have to drive, sometimes I’m glad I’m a dog!

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We got a new bed, here Josh is showing off his credentials next to Flick.

It fits nicely into the space Humum Shirley designed into her new kitchen for us.
I have to tell you a chap can get his nose pushed out. Rocco’s Humum, Julie Cumming, first started learning to handle at shows with Chick (who I never met but who everyone says I am very like) and Humum Shirley took her to dog shows for several years. Rocco pops, as we call him, is one of us Honeymists and his young brother is out of Elmo, competition enough when they visit us..BUT NOW..horror of horrors…we just cannot compete for the attention when this strange little pink thing, which is a human puppy, comes to visit. Then we have to entertain him..Noah is his name, as the Humums go gaga when he arrives. Never thought I’d see the day something could take the top spot from ME…after all I AM THE TOP BOY!!
Humum Shirley’s big doll’s house is more or less finished and the miniature Bedlington collection now has nearly all of us..you can tell who is who. The next one to come will be Posh Josh.

Humum Shirlay and Hudad went on holibags to South Spain. They started off in Gibraltar in a posh hotel called “The Rock”, they told me they wondered why there were signs saying not to feed the apes..well, the first morning they found out why when a cheeky ape came into their room from the balcony and stole their biscuits as you can see!!

Well, must go and help Humum Shirley get the next lot of food cooking for their New Years dinner or she might not make enough to keep us going a few more days on the really, really tasty stuff.
Hope 2011 is kind to you all, much love, Ted

August 2010
Hi fans…she’s done it again…now I KNOW Humum is busy but this is getting ridiculous..I really do need a petition from my fans to get her to remember me more often.
Anywhichways up here we go with the news…not much from the dog shows, nine shows, two CCs, three res.CCs, best puppy in Show MBTC Champ show and that has been it so far this year…not up to our usual standard but then the same dog and bitch have kept winning at most shows with lots of first time judges. That Daisy needs a good talking to..she won a CC then decided to walk with her head down..goodness knows I have tried to teach her, but she is a stubborn so and so, not often I fail in my duty to keep this lot in order.
Bobby has only been to two shows but he got the CC at Wales, and we got both Res.CCs and best puppy in breed…a bit more like it..thanks go to Brian Rodgers who judged them.
We had a terrible trauma getting Sapphire well after she broke her leg, Humums said it was absolutely typical that a puppy who had won a BIS Puppy and a res. BIS puppy should then break her leg..se la vie I suppose, but I have to say it is a terrible shame as I thought she had a very successful show career ahead…we will need to see if the slight limp eventually disappears.
Humum Shirley and Hudad went off and left us again in May..off to Cyprus where they go bird watching most Springs to their apartment . WELLLLLLL, when they came back I took a fit when they told us about a couple of roads they went along…the first narrowed to a rock ledge just slightly wider than the car with a bend they could not see round. Humum says she got out and walked round the corner to make sure the road did not just stop..luckily it didn’t for about another half a mile but just round the corner there was a bit wide enough to park, walk, then manage to turn round..she said their hearts were in their mouths on the way down again as the road was so very, very steep and narrow with a huge drop at the side. They said they asked a local the way as the maps are very bad…well, I have told them next year they should be more careful where the go on their adventures as we really DO need them here!!!

Humum says she took this photo out of the car window between screams! She says the car wheels were right on the edge and thank goodness Hudad is a good driver and used to 4 wheel drive vehicles! Then…wait for it..the same afternoon they managed to get on another horrendous road which they described as “the worst they have seen”, said they honestly thought they would have to be rescued from it and hi-tailed it to the nearest bar, on an isolated beach, when they finally got out of trouble.

Humum’s big Miniature house was featured in a Dolls House magazine, needles to say she was dead chuffed…Hudad and Humum Lorraine counted up the cost of the miniature Beddies in it..well, we won’t go there!!! Any-which-way-up Humum Shirley says since she has got back down to her proper weight she has no need of new clothes..so that is supposed to make up for the Miniature dogs!

One of the latest ones is this Mum and puppies, they are in the kitchen of Honeymist Hall where it would have been warmest in olden days.

Humum Lorraine says she will put more photos on the dolls house page.

Humums landed me with yet someone else to look after in the spring. A bit confusing for a chap to meet one of those sheep things everyone says we look like. Well..wee Shaun the sheep became my responsibility, had to have baby milk three times a day, I had to tell Humum Lorraine when to make his bottle and we all went to the field to feed him. Posh Josh liked him a lot as you can see..well, all my charges were fond of him and spent ages watching him. For a sheep thingumy he seems to be brighter than the average, Humums taught him words like “sticks”..they only have to shout “Sticks Shauny” and he comes running at a hundred miles an hour to get leaves off twigs. His favourite leaves are from the four trees we have discovered are plum trees..they never fruited in over 20 years Humum Shirley says, but this year they were dripping plums…we now have jam to last for years! Joshy boy eats them..but then he is Swedish and likes raw veggies too. Anyway, back to Shaun, Humum Lorraine has taught him to walk on a lead, be brushed..he even rolls over to get his tum dun. One day he was missing and Humum Lorraine drove up to the top field looking for him with seven of us Beddies in the car. Shauny was stuck in wire so she had to free him, then, the cheek of it, he trotted down to the car and climbed in with us and hitched a lift back down to his proper field. Would you believe neither Humum took a photo. Sometimes humans are less than with it, that would have been a great calendar picture!

At somepoint Shauny is going back to his main farm..that will be a TERRIBLE day when he goes, we will all be in tears.

Here I am with Posh and Shaun when he was really small..he’s quite big now.
Well folks, Humum says the gardening calls..in between showers the work must go on. I HOPE to speak to you again soon, but don’t hold your breath..Humum admits she is remiss about helping me keep in touch,
Love from Ted.

January…would you believe!!!!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR TEDLINGTONS…can all my fans DO something about humans who “don’t have time” and therefore gag me. I am sick, sick, sick of it.

Anyway, calm down Ted….here I am at long, long last.

Soooo much has happened I don’t know where to start. Joshy boy got his first CC…not bad for three shows he’s been to, Humums Shirley and Lorraine got more CCs, res.CCs and BOBs and Bikki…who is out of our Swedish cousin Wilma, became a Champion. She’s a nice big soul…little bit big for a bitch for my liking but boy can she move..the rear drive is very sexy…maybe I can have puppies with her sometime…but Humum says we need more blues…sez who!!! Certainly not all us livers and sandies, we like our colours. I mean..just look at my superior intellect and sense of humour..all goes with being a sandy you know.

Champion Honeymist Teaze And Freeze


Speaking of sense of humour…our Noodles ( a sandy of course!) has a wicked naughty sense of humour…well, we have all been listening to all the Bedlington Humans who have visited us this year go on about how they can’t understand why some livers/sandies are actually pink..we all managed to see some photos..and the Humans are right..pink…yuk… I personally would not really fancy them…but Noodles had us all falling about giggling when she said “I know…they are underdone liver”

All summer and autumn the boarding kennels were, truthfully, very busy, so I suppose Humums have an excuse for not helping me..then Humum Shirley and Hudad went off to somewhere called Turkey, we had lots of stuff called that for Christmas so I am a bit confused..do you eat it or do you visit it…we certainly ate it. Humum says she was not very impressed with that holiday, but lucky for her they were to go to South Africa just after Christmas. They went to the wedding of a friends’ son, Xander Hurley, at a place called Leopard Lodge in the Transvaal she said it was. Humum showed us some lovely pictures of the happy couple  ..she loved the dress.

There were zebras and giraffs near the wedding. They showed me pictures of weird animals they saw…must say the crocodile looked very frightening…don’t think we could win a fight with one of those..and an hefalump could stand on us and the hypotenuse looked very fierce…Humum says I got those names wrong…but I’m sure you will know what animals I mean. The lions looked quite friendly..but they tell me they would try to eat us too..glad I don’t live there and I sure am worried now about little Ringo who went to live near somewhere called Cape Town..however, from the pictures under “puppies” you will see there do not seem to be any nasty fierce animals where he is..hope his owners take care, I’d hate to hear one of my charges had been eaten.

Humum was very excited because they got to visit the place where they film Wild at heart which we all watch on Sunday nights and they have photos with the hefalumps and things which appear in the program…and most excited because her and Hudad have a photo of them on the steps of the house and they had tea in the lodge which is called “Mara” in the program but its real name is Glen Afric…actually called after a Scottish Glen, not anything to do with being in Africa Humum says.

Well..while they were away it was very, very cold. We all had coats on and were still cold as it was way below zero here..and all our water stopped running out of taps. We could have all died of dehydration if it was not for friends bringing us water and Humum Lorraine had to burn all the kennel rubbish in the courtyard as with no water in the header tank she could not put on the boiler…so the whole kennels reeked of calor gas burning..ughhh!

Twelve days…yes twelve days, with no water….it was ‘orrible…took lots of bottles of water just to make sure we all got a drink.

As usual we all had a huge sack for Xmas before the Humans left for Africa on 28th Dec. It is my mate Josh’s birthday on Xmas day so Humum got him a Christmas sack full of balls for his birthday. We managed to burst eight balls in about as many minutes…great fun!

Josh and his birthday balls.

Humum has nearly finished her huge doll’s house and she almost has enough miniature bedlingtons to represent all of us..she is getting Humum Lorraine to put some more pictures of the house on the webpage.

Handmade Bedlingtons in the dolls house.

Bye for now, Ted

Aug 2009

Hi Fans,

I really have to sort out Humum Shirley about this not helping me, I have been bursting to tell you all kinds but she has been “too busy” to help. Well, I finally pinned her down because it is pouring with rain so she can’t get on with gardening and there are no dog shows this week.

We have had suuuch a great time since I last wrote to you. First we had Joshy boy’s Humum and Hudad, Ami and Rolf Lyberg staying for a couple of weeks. The weather was bliss, warm and wall to wall sunshine, so we had lots of BBQs. The first one was for Humum Lorraine’s birthday….just dig that fabby candle thing in the photo…we all thought it was great but the Humans got fed up of the music box noise playing “happy birthday” and cut something which stopped it working. Honestly, sometimes you Humans have no sense, we would have sorted it in no time.


They all went off to Dublin to a European Winners show, leaving Hudad John to look after us. Josh came back with a new European Junior winner title to add to all the titles he had before he came here from Sweden. Just because he can win at shows and he is very handsome (though I hate to have to admit it he is as handsome as me) he fancies he should have his own Talk page…no chance..I am the main man round here. Maybe when I retire. They went on a very fast boat Josh said he was told was a “catermaran”…but him having to cope with three languages he didn’t woof that right, having a superior intellect I can tell you it should be “catamaran”.

More BBQs, more fun then suddenly it was time for Aunty Ami and Uncle Rolf to go and rats if it was not Aunty Ami’s birthday 2 days after they left so we got deprived of another birthday party BBQ..no sausages, steak or chops, no birthday cake. But we did give Aunty Ami a present as she was going to be away from home on her birthday travelling to a show in Denmark where they all did very well. It was nice to see their Picabu, posh name Honeymist I Have a Dream who is a Swedish Champion and has won BISs and stuff, who was born here from my Dad and one of Aunty Ami’s bitches, Wilma. Baby sat those pups several times. Picabu is sister to our Bikki and Fudge. Fudge is going to have puppies soon and Bikki is doing well at shows. But none of them quite reach my heady height of perfection you know.

Next Aunty Irene (she’s the one I told you is a “Reverend”) and her friend Marcus came as a surprise for Humum Shirley’s birthday, so we had another grrreat BBQ with lots of stuff for us..that sure is the life for us, steak, sausages..oh bliss! Dog food just is not in the same league even though we get yummy chopped beef or tripe with our complete. Aunty Irene was cooking, we were all watching, and she said “shall we do hot dogs?”…well…you could not see us for dust. We were not volunteering to go on that BBQ thing…we’ve seen what it does to sausages.

There was time for us to sunbathe while Humum Shirley gardened, so our Scottish weather was not its usual rainy self for a change. All of June was great and July was not too bad. Some days were so hot I made them all stay indoors in the cool sometimes..otherwise we might have turned into those hot dogs it was so hot.

Rocco Pops, Bobby’s younger brother, has been bringing his house-sister (not a real sister) Beck down to play with us all and this weekend they stayed with us for two days because their Humans Julie and Pete were at a wedding. Five dogs and five bitches roaming about, munching chews in the kitchen and sleeping with us. Boy was I exhausted keeping control of them all. I have to say they are all pretty good though, no squabbles of any kind but boisterous..yipes..it was like watching a grand prix without the noise when they zoomed round the place.

Rocco, Bobby, Bikki, and the new young un Honeymist Crazy Rhythm…Crazy Daisy to her friends, have been doing some winning..it’s all on the show page but I was extra proud of my new charge Josh for winning his first CC at Leeds, only the second show he has been to in the UK. Humum and Aunty Julie had a good day at Paignton, both CCs, best puppy and the dog res.CC. Sadly they said there were not many Bedlingtons entered, hardly any of the folks down in the far south had gone, but the Humans all say it is daft because they will lose CCs..whatever that means. If three lots of dogs went 480 miles and more from Scotland to that show it seems daft for people who live a few miles away to miss it. I do know my two Humums moan about always having to go to the Scottish Kennel Club show…but they go anyway because it is our local Champ show and they say they don’t want to lose the tickets…don’t really understand that ‘cos I thought the tickets were what they got to get into the show. They also said it was possibly because of the credit crunch, if that is like our crunchy biscuits I don’t see why that should stop people going to shows either. Sometimes I think I will never properly understand you Humans.

While they were on their way to Paignton Humum Lorraine was on her way back from Dublin having just got the last CACIB Tigalo (CH Honeymist Sunny) needed to make him an International Champion.

If I have my way I will be writing to you again before Humum Shirley and Hudad go to Turkey on holiday in a few weeks time,

Bye for now Tedlington the Bedlington (tee hee..or as I am told texters put it LOL….that is my official pet name…thank goodness they shortened it to Ted!)

PS As if I did not have enough to do..just look at what they’ve got me baby sitting now….think they should give me a pay rise.


Hi fans…you know I have been going bonkers not being able to talk to you all..probably you have given up on hearing from me ever again…but my webmaster Ann-Marie has had a broken computer. So much has happened since I last wrote for you….Tigalo got to be a Champion at Crufts, Bikki got the reserve CC….well…you know Josh I told you about…well he has now realised Bikki’s Mum was one of Anne-Marie’s Bedlingtons therefore sort of his sister…so of course he expects to bask in reflected glory…but he can’t outdo me that way cos Bikki’s dad is MY dad too so we are both sort of Bikki’s brothers! 
That one is getting a bit big for his boots, I have to keep him in his place…adolescents you know.
Humums Lorraine and Shirley have not been to many shows so far this year, say they don’t see the point in wasting money so last Saturday was the first show for a bit…well, a smashing half brother of mine, Honeymist Blue-Flame at Rocabec got this first CC and his brother Ch Honeymist Miles High got the res CC. 
Honeymists won the brace class and the breeders group so they all came home smiling. Everyone says it is such a shame I broke my leg and just very occasionally it shows as a limp or they say I would have got to be a champion no bother, me I am quite content looking after all me responsibilities here and occasionally finding time to play.
Having Humum at home and some fine weather during April we have had a great time dashing about the garden helping Humum Shirley get the garden in shape for summer…hopefully we will get a summer this year. Then disaster struck and something has stolen several of Humum’s big Koi carp from the pond…so we will need to keep going to the pond to try and catch the mink we think is doing the damage…we were all in the house for over a week while Humum and Hudad were in Cyprus enjoying sunshine and we had rain…and the river flooded right up to into our garden…that’s when the beast started taking the fish…but it won’t get any more if we catch it there…it will NOT escape our wrath.

Thought you might like to see this picture of me dictating my talk to Humum Shirley, will write again soon and let you know how they all get on at the European winners show and will let you have lots of pictures of Josh Fluff Tops’ (much better nick name than Posh Josh I reckon!!) with lots of his relatives who are all arriving this weekend.

Bye for now..SOOO glad I can talk to you again….Ted


Well I have to tell you a fellow can just get relied on a bit too much. Just before Christmas Humum Lorraine disappeared overnight and came back
with this good looking chap who just walked into the house, said hello to us all and settled in as part of my charges. Well…Noodles is just 
a young un and I have to watch her…now I have this new chap also as my responsibility…it does get a bit much. AND this morning Aunty Irene, 
the Rev.Fearon I told you about, brought her three rough collies..more responsibilty for me..I just don’t know how much more I can manage.Here is a picture of me baby sitting the new chap…he is, I have to admit, very handsome…but of course not as handsome as me…that is just not possible.

Now, you are probably wondering why I have called him “the new chap”…but we have had some very confused parrots since he came and was 
called Jazz. The parrots, do you see, are called Jazz and Beakie…so every time anyone spoke to dog Jazz they started getting excited and 
everytime we spoke to Jazz parrot Jazz dog thought we were talking to him, so, being a clever sort of chap as you already know, I came up with 
a new name “Josh” which we soon taught him was his name. But that back fired on me as everyone now says it must be “posh Josh” as he is so 
beautiful and posh….rats, a fellow just can’t win sometimes.Anyways, we are getting over the language problem..he spoke Swedish 
having lived with his Humum and Hudad Ami and Rolf Lyberg before he came in a big airplane to live with us. He’s a quick learner…except 
about not running into bushes and mud. It was OK while we had cold cold weather, but just the other day it thawed and Josh went running round 
the front garden as we all do…but he has to chase birds and launches himself into the shrub beds…oh, oh, you should have seen the state he 
got in…but the humans just laughed and gave him a bath. Should have been grounded if I had had my way, but then I understand discipline 
better than the Humans…they can be so easily manipulated and made to smile when they should be cross. Oh hum!.

Josh was one year old on Christmas day, we all put some of our pocket money together and got him a cake and 
Humum Shirley got him a big teddy bear.Then we all shared that glorious purple sack…we have enough treats still to last for weeks, Santa was very good to us.
Here is a picture of Josh with his birthday cake at the kitchen table.

and one of most of us on Christmas Day…too much food leaves one too tired to play!
Soon Coming!

Humum has some new bedlingtons she says are “no bother”…well, they wouldn’t be would they since they are stuffed! 
Here is a picture of them in the big doll’s house

Of course I posed as the model for the liver ones…Humum Shirley says the lady who is making them is a genius….well, there’s easier more fun 
ways of making more Bedlingtons you know, ‘spose they’d be a bit big for the doll’s house…but humum could make a big dolls house…that would 
do the trick..

We get to meet Josh’s Humum and Hudad next summer…should be fun..lots of swedish speaking bedlingtons running about the place…maybe I need 
a holiday about then..i really don’t think I can cope with many more to look after.
I now have to help feed a baby Westie whose mummy has no milk…a dedicated chaps’ work is never done…

Bye for now, Ted


Hi fans…no news from me during November as Humum was in that New Zealand place.
They had a fantastic time, but we all missed them terribly. 
Elmo was the worst really moped the whole month and went the most
beserk when they came home.
Anyway..to business, I would like to wish all my friends a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all of us.
It’s hard for a chap having to wait for Humum’s help..and she has been so busy since she got back putting up decorations, cleaning, doing our 
presents and stuff…..we have a nice purple sack which I have to tell you we are all trying to find a way to explore…but Humum says it has 
to stay at Santa’s depot till Christmas Eve..then we can sniff it and dream of what we will find on Christmas morning….but you know..I don’t 
think that is the truth because we all know it is hidden in the front porch!!!! AND there are all the sacks for all the dogs in there!!! But 
don’t tell Humum I have sussed it out or they might disappear.Humum and Hudad went away again last weekend to something they call a 
“Christening”…some human puppy which Humum says is her great niece..our Aunty Irene…the Reverend Irene fearon they tell me is her 
proper title, poured water on the babies head and took a “Communion Service”..whatever that is. Glad we pups don’t have to be covered in 
water just to get a name..here is a picture of my Humums sister in a wierd purple thing..apparently that is what “Reverends” wear on 
Sundays…strange things humans! I’ve also sent you a picture of the Hupuppy which had water poured on its head…suprised it isn’t screaming I must say!

Give me puppies any day, far less fuss! You know what they have called that hupuppy? You would NEVER guess so I’d better tell you..Anna Lily 
Grace…just imagine trying to get one of us to come shouting that mouthful at us!
Stitches puppy Noodles is coming on, almost civilised, she can do sit and lie down and stuff now, but she is still a handful for me to control 
and even Knobs the poodle has met her match in Noodles..I have to larf when Noodles chases her round and round the kitchen! Getting a bit too 
dignified in my old age for that stuff..but I still join in sometimes. We are getting Auntie Irene’s three rough collies for SIX weeks…how am 
I supposed to keep them under control for that long..asking a bit much a a chap if you ask me..much prefer the miniature model Humum has had 
made. She also got one made of me doing my frog impersonation…so I will be immortalised in the dolls house…only fitting I should be 
modelled of course, being such a superior chap.We are getting a young pup from Sweden soon ..he’s called Jazz and has 
won lots in Sweden..hope he doesn’t think he will be as good as me..that is impossible..his pictures are on Humums website under “shows” I think.
Well, I will be in touch to let you know what was in that sack, have a great Christmas,
love from Ted.


Hi all you lovely fans of mine. I have to tell you I am a bit put out. Humum Lorraine has brought home a black thing she calls a poodle
from one of Humum Shirley’s friends Jacqui Hurley apparently…well, it is the ONLY dog here that does not recognise my total superiority and do 
as I say. It tries to boss me around..but it will learn..Isis is its name..but Hudad John calls it “Knobs” cos it has lots of knobs..good on 
ya Hudad..keep it in its place!Poor Charlie (posh name Ch Tolivar Tambori of Honeymist) has had his 
manhood taken away..very traumatic it was I can tell you..hysterical Humums found a very sudden lump on those bits we like to lick…panic 
stations…dashed him to my friend David the Vet, exit nice lickey bits from Charlie. But they say he will be OK since the cancer was removed 
very soon. Mind you, Charlie made an amazing recovery..he is a real old man of 15 but came through the op with no problems and by next day was 
his usual cheerful self. He never complains, though he does not hear me as well as he used to he can still play with the rest of us!

I had to sit on a suitcase all last evening till Humum Lorraine made me go to bed, but I was all for staying on the suitcase..I know that means 
Humum Shirley and Hudad are about to go away..they are going to somewhere called New Zealand so I want to go…Noodles took a different 
approach to asking to go with the cases…she started digging…Humum Shirley said she would “see her down under” whatever that means.
Humum Shirley is only just back from America…it really is not fair not taking all of us, I would have loved meeting my American cousins. She 
liked the American dogs and all the European dogs she also saw in the USA…said they were more proper Bedlingtons than some of the wierd ones 
she sees at English shows…must get her to take me to one so I can give you a PROPER assessment of the UK show dogs…I am a real expert you know!!!
As you will sense I am not my usual bouncy self..really hate having Humans go away…so I will let you know how they get on when they get back.
Love from Ted xxxxxx


Well..it’s me again. Humum Shirley has been too busy to help me with this and Humum Lorraine wouldn’t help either. Terribly frustrating for a 
fellow with such strong opinions not to be able to tell you all. We have another big head…Bobby, Honeymist Miles High, came back from 
Wales strutting about full of himself because he says he is now to be addressed as “Champion Bobby”…fat chance..he’s Bobby to me and I would 
be a Champion too if I hadn’t broken my leg. Then there’s Champion Elmo, Champion Tizer, Champion Charlie, Champion Tigger and the rest…life’s 
too short Bobby old boy for me to waste time using all those extra words. There’s mischief to make and fun to be had!
Some days the old wound gives me gip..especially with all the rain we’ve had. Humums both moan about how terrible the summer has been, they say 
we haven’t had a summer but being a clever sort of chap I know that isn’t true..we have had a summer…it just never felt like one, humans can 
be silly sometimes. Humum Shirley just had an email about us getting killed by eating chewing gum…yikes..the newest young un, 
Noodles, eats anything she can get her teeth into so I’d best keep an eye on her. Humum says something 
called Xylitol can make us very very ill by stopping our livers working or something and unless we got intensive care very soon after eating the 
chewing gum we would probably die…sounds even nastier than all the things I went through when the old leg didn’t take the metal pin 
right…that was bad enough I can tell you. Well, all this has me exhausted, must away and beg a morsel then have a 
sleep while the humans have lunch, bye till next time, Ted

Well..would you believe it..my Humum has been promising me I can talk to you all regularly…well..two years later it seems it is going to happen…and ABOUT TIME TOO I say!!! I have very strong opinions on life I think you all need to know about….I am after all nigh on perfect so well qualified to pass on the news I hear.
Humum and Lorraine came back last night with smiles on their faces as they told me Humum made up her 14th Champion, Honeymist Miles High (Bobby). Made up??? I thought he was real, he seems real when we play together but then the world is a strange place.
Lorraine keeps joking that she will say “Bobby dead dog” next time he looks like beating Tigalo who she shows….it’s very funny..he lies on his back with his legs in the air if Humum or Humum 2, Lorraine say “Bobby dead dog” to him. Of course with my superior intellect I am teaching myself to do the same…just need to train the Humums to ask me to do it so I can impress visitors….training them is much harder than them training us because we are so much more intelligent!!!
Humum has been distracted for ages because of this copper thing which kills some of us. Humans can be blinkered sometimes I’ve discovered in my young life…no proper logic like us dogs have. Food, bones, toys and treats and plenty of exercise keeps us fit and happy, we don’t bother our heads about much else …except it is very worrying when our Humans get upset. I have a new friend called KitKat….he is a Chihuahua or something…doesn’t look like us and I have to be very careful when I play with him as he is so small he could be a toy! I apologise not for telling you KitKat loves me to bits…well..everyone does because I am so nice…. and very humble too. 
Well want to get SOME contact with you all as you must have been waiting anxiously to hear from me as I am such an interesting chap….so all for now..really really there WILL be more soon now Humum promises it is finally sorted…so I won’t be gagged any more.
Have a nice day, Ted (or to use my full name Tedlington the Bedlington)


Well..would you believe it..my Humum has been promising me I can talk to you all regularly…well..two years later it seems it is going to happen…and ABOUT TIME TOO I say!!! I have very strong opinions on life I think you all need to know about….I am after all nigh on perfect so well qualified to pass on the news I hear.
Humum and Lorraine came back last night with smiles on their faces as they told me Humum made up her 14th Champion, Honeymist Miles High (Bobby). Made up??? 
I thought he was real, he seems real when we play together but then the world is a strange place.
Lorraine keeps joking that she will say “Bobby dead dog” next time he looks like beating Tigalo who she shows….it’s very funny..he lies on his back with his legs in the air if Humum or Humum 2, Lorraine say “Bobby dead dog” to him. Of course with my superior intellect I am teaching myself to do the same…just need to train the Humums to ask me to do it so I can impress visitors….training them is much harder than them training us because we are so much more intelligent!!!
Humum has been distracted for ages because of this copper thing which kills some of us. Humans can be blinkered sometimes I’ve discovered in my young life…no proper logic like us dogs have. Food, bones, toys and treats and plenty of exercise keeps us fit and happy, we don’t bother our heads about much else …except it is very worrying when our Humans get upset. I have a new friend called KitKat….he is a Chihuahua or something…doesn’t look like us and I have to be very careful when I play with him as he is so small he could be a toy! I apologise not for telling you KitKat loves me to bits…well..everyone does because I am so nice…. and very humble too. 
Well want to get SOME contact with you all as you must have been waiting anxiously to hear from me as I am such an interesting chap….so all for now..really really there WILL be more soon now Humum promises it is finally sorted…so I won’t be gagged any more.
Have a nice day, Ted (or to use my full name Tedlington the Bedlington)

NEW NEWS..see below my very interesting introduction of myself.

Hi my name is Ted. I am an eleven month old liver Bedlington Terrier.When I was twelve weeks old I did a very silly thing and broke my back leg whilst playing with my friends, Stitch and Elmo, in the garden. I am OK now as our great vet David fixed me so I can still run about and keep an eye on everything so this is why I am going to keep a diary and keep you all up to date with all goings on at the Honeymist kennels.

Me and my friend David our Vet.

I have to tell you, I had a bit of a time of it with the leg..had to have an operation, CAGE REST..horrible!!, pin in it, another operation, sometimes it was hugely sore and I screamed in my sleep Lorraine says, and now I sometimes still have nightmares and scream, waking Lorraine up. Having had a REAL hard time, it is no suprise to me I turned out a THOROUGHLY nice chap..or so everyone says. In spite of things I still love David and he would take me home he says, but Humum Lorraine and Humum Shirley say they will never send me away. Next week I will be helping my friend Carson work on the new kennel runs, I don’t go out in them, I am specially privileged cos I’m so nice. I let the friends who stay in the kennels come in the house to visit though and we all get on fine in the house.

Today is a big day, Humum Shirley is in a good mood because she finished her first doll’s house last night and this important page is about to go live to the world (don’t know what a world is..but that’s what she said) and so I am soon to be an important sort of chap.

Will write more to you all if this all works, Love, Ted

April 2007..well..I did not expect to have to wait this long to talk to you all again..Humum has been getting complaints that I have not done my duty and written more for all my new fans. Well..I have to tell you none of it is my fault..the Humans could not get the website to work properly but at last, thanks to Humum Shirley’s friend Andy I am here again.

Don’t you like the fancy bits my friend Nikki Paterson has added to Humum Shirleys efforts..those colour changing buttons are pretty neat, but I have to tell you I do NOT approve Nikki is making an animation of another of us..it should be ME!!! Anyways, that bit will get added to the site soon..Tigalo will be saying “hello” when people visit our website. Nikki has funny little brown things she says are Lakeland Terriers, they are OK and they behaved themselves when they stayed with us recently. My friend Toffee has had puppies, cor what a fuss she makes, expects everything done for her Humum Lorraine says. Can’t quite get the hang of pups till they are about 8 weeks old, then I love to play with them and Humums both say I am very gentle and a good puppy sitter. Humum was all pleased today because someone else is going to be helping stop any of us die of a terrible disease called Copper I think..well, something like that. All a bit above my head but it put a smile on Humum Shirley’s face so it must be good news.

More soon, Lots of Love Ted


My mum is just back from Cyprus.